History of OTC

November 2012 –

We’re heading out again!! Please watch this space for info on the tour for the Summer of 2013.
Our West Coast 2012 Tour was Sponsored by SAEN; for more information on them please click here! 

May 2012 –
For the past year or so a few of us have been exercising the idea of organizing a tour that was a collaborative effort between artists, filmmakers, activists and musicians all united under the banner of Animal Liberation. Taking lessons from the Total Liberation and the Primate Freedom Tours, and as the opportunity arose, we started work on what is now called the Open the Cages Tour. Essentially what we wanted to accomplish was a traveling Animal Liberation fest, including the first U.S. screenings of Maximum Tolerated Dose, and performances by bands and musicians who carry an animal rights message. In between events also participating in demonstrations and protests when the opportunities arise. A massive amount of time, energy and creativity went into the production of this tour, and there is still a lot more effort needed on our part to make it happen.

Vivisection is one of the most grotesque and unnecessary forms of animal abuse and exploitation in the world today. We planned this tour to not only educate people about the fraudulent scientific research and billions of taxpayer dollars that are invested in dead-end animal trials, but also to visit every major city on the west coast that has a university or company that participates in animal testing. Hoping to reignite the anti-vivisection campaigns in the cities we’ll be passing through, we also aim to make connections with like minded individuals who are interested in shutting down any and all companies that profit off of the suffering of other living, sentient creatures. The suffering that beagle puppies, primates, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other animals endure in these laboratories are not only a massive waste of life, but a waste of human knowledge as well.

Towards the abolition of ALL animal testing and exploitation. We will not be intimidated, we will not back down and we will NEVER compromise in defense of animals!

-The OTC team


8 comments on “History of OTC

  1. f anderson on said:

    Are you coming through canada?

  2. Liz Jacobelly on said:

    I’m looking forward to the workshop in San Diego in July

  3. Kevin Fleming on said:

    Will the Portland events be all ages?

    And will there be a demonstration at Oregon Health and Sciences?

    • MikeXvX on said:

      All the events for the entire tour are all ages! There will be a demonstration at an undisclosed location that will be announced during the film screening and then posted on our facebook and website the night before it happens. See you in PDX!

  4. Nick on said:

    I just read about your work and want to say that this is just great and it feels good to see people in action for the right thing! I wish you all success.

    Fighting for Animal Liberation

  5. Bygonya Worcester on said:

    Awesome!! Thank you so much for everything you do! I will do my best to be there in Seattle.

  6. Rick Bogle on said:

    I’m ultra pleased that the Primate Freedom Tour may have inspired someone to do something! It’s a bit of a surprise! Can’t wait to see the film; hope it shows in Madison.

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