The 2013 Tour has no official sponsor, we just have our community to support us!
So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn’t do it without you. 

Friends/Allies of the Tour

Stop Animal Exploitation Now! (S.A.E.N.) - Our sponsor for the 2012 tour! 

Conflict Gypsy - An online archive preserving the history of protest movements for animal rights and environmentalism, updated frequently, so check back often.

Because We Must - A collaborative effort of activists from around the world. BWM is founded on the idea that all forms of oppression and, in turn, the struggles against them, are intimately connected.

The Vegan Police - started in October 2008 as a campus and community vegan radio show to promote veganism and independent music made by veg/vegan musicians. Now an active Animal Rights blog and hub for local veg*n work in the Niagara/Southern Ontario region.

Green Is The New Red - This website focuses on how fear of “terrorism” is being exploited to push a political and corporate agenda. Specifically, Journalist Will Potter focuses on how animal rights and environmental advocates are being branded “eco-terrorists” in what many are calling the Green Scare.

Matt Gauck Professional Drawist – Matt has been a long time friend of the AR movement with his skills as a professional drawist (read: illustrator) he has been responsible for countless logos, posters, materials, patches, stickers, and paintings all to benefit the struggle for total liberation and support vegan communities/outreach.

Radix Media - Run by a vegan printer, Radix previously based in Portland Oregon (relocating in June to Brooklyn, New York) is a small printing operation that has a specific focus on radical histories, struggle, and solidarity. The posters and promotional materials for MTD were done by Lantz at Radix, as well as a number of other zines, cards and posters we’re all familiar with.

We Animals – A sprawling and in-depth photo project by activist Jo-Anne McArthur. Her work centers around the relationship that human and non-human animals have with one another, and documents the conditions and contexts that shape that relationship. Her work spans from companion animals to food-animals, and beyond, into wild and captive animals used and abused in various industries, research, entertainment, and natural disasters.

Animal Voices - A weekly radio show and podcast which maps out the animal advocacy scene around the globe and provides a platform to showcase the work of animal advocates. Animal Voices engages with the ways that various human social dynamics like race, gender, and class, intersect with animals and also asks questions about other animals’ experiences as well as considers other animals’ interests.

The Art of Dismantling- The Art of Dismantling is an artisan collective and an ongoing interview series. The project was founded by Chris Richards (Autonomous Music) to form alliances between creative artisans and activists, to provide educational workshops, and to inspire our community to use creativity as a weapon, a voice, and a tool for change.


Animal Defense Leagues

Portland Animal Defense League
Seattle Animal Defense League
Niagara Animal Defense League
Animal Defense League of Canada

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