Mike XVX

For Mike’s music visit: http://mikexvx.bandcamp.com/

Mike XVX is a radical folk-punk musician, a dedicated activist and an enthusiastic traveler. Though Mike has spent time in various music projects all along the west coast of North America, he is most known for his acoustic solo project which will be touring with Open The Cages this summer.

Mike has traveled extensively both with his creative pursuits and his animal rights activism. As a musician he has visited over 20 countries in the last 3 years, played hundreds of shows and reached thousands of people the world over through his touring. Mike has played in abandoned police stations, European squats, living rooms, street corners, vegan cafes, traditional venues and many other locations. He has also written thoroughly about his travels and his touring, including one published zine about his latest European tour which is popular amongst people who are fans of his music, but also people who appreciate his knack for storytelling.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Mike has also been a voice for non-human animals for nearly a decade. His work towards total liberation has enabled him to participate in many different demonstrations and campaigns the world over. Most notably, in 2011 Mike traveled to Japan with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. While in Otsuchi, Japan to document the slaughter of Dall’s Porpoises and other marine animals, he and his team members were caught at the epicenter of the massive earthquake and tsunami that destroyed all of Japan’s Northeastern coast; narrowly escaping with their lives. The city they were stationed in was the most devastated area of Japan, and it was days before they were able to fully flee the wreckage and escape the nuclear fallout from the Fukushima reactor. Mike is presently writing a book about the experience, and was featured in a documentary for the Discovery Channel that same year. Additionally, he has also toured the United States and Canada sharing his photographs in art installations and telling his story.

When not touring with his music and message, he’s helping to organize regional campaigns and volunteering with small, grassroots groups. In 2010 he was arrested along with 4 others (come to be known as the ADL 5) for locking down outside a primate research facility in Hillsboro, OR called the ONPRC. The Oregon National Primate Research Center is a division of Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU) that conducts invasive tests on non-human primates such as obesity studies, and even methamphetamine and nicotine addiction research. Attempting to draw attention to the ONPRC, the ADL 5 locked their arms into lockboxes and barricaded the entrance to the facility for over 5 hours. Due to embarrassment from the vast media attention the action received, OHSU reduced the charges against the activists and all walked away with mere violations (the equivalent of a traffic ticket).

Combining his organizational talents, his love of travel and his aptness for building connections with other activists, Mike is dedicated full time to the Open the Cages tour. Come out, raise your fist and sing along to songs about love and liberation!


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